Online Data Backup

Welcome to Diamond Data Backup, the UK wide online solution to essential data backup and data recovery, worldwide. Through our network of franchisees across the UK, we take secure care of your most precious business asset Ė your data.

Your Data. Safe. Secure. Always.

Sleep soundly. Diamond Data Backup is the perfect night cap. Have a restful night, safe in the knowledge that all your good work of the day will be there in the morning; and the morning after that; and every morning, no matter what happens. Diamond Data Backup never forgets to look after your assets. That is our service to you.

All your leads, all your customer relations, all your invoicing, everything you need for business, backed up absolutely securely, totally reliably, and completely automatically, every day. No worries, no problems. Ever.

Backup, Backup and Backup. If you take seriously the three laws of computing, youíre already looking for a partner in Diamond Data Backup. With our policy for keeping many versions of each file, youíll never have to worry about retrieving your data, under any circumstances.

"I am thrilled to know that all our critical data is in a safe place and it all happens without anyone having to think about it ever again"
Bruce Taylor, Managing Director
Action Coach Scotland

Itís the prudent thing to do. Now let Diamond Data Backup do this essential task for you. Nothing could be wiser. Dependable Diamond Data Backup works hard to make securing your data easy. Try the service now for free.

Diamond Data Backup gets straight to the point.

No time wasting and costly repetition. Diamond Data Backup works the way you do. By speeding up initial recoding, and every subsequent action, backup is no longer a chore, itís a breeze. It doesnít matter how much you have on file, the automated Diamond system only changes what youíve changed, much more economically and efficiently than a traditional backup. Even if your business depends on a huge archive, securing it only depends on recording those daily changes. Itís easy, itís fast, itís value for money. Itís straight to the point with Diamond Data Backup.

The Value of Diamond Data Backup

  • Total peace of mind
  • Guaranteed secure backup
  • Complete record of all your critical data, safe and secure
  • Very quick daily backup, fully automated
  • Data always encrypted, even during transfer
  • Your data stored offsite, immune to even the worst circumstances
  • Multiple secure storage locations, your date always available to you
  • Use your existing hardware and Internet connection
  • Multi-user license as standard Ė no limits
  • Sophisticated online reporting always available
  • Backup recovery whenever you want
  • Youíre always in control, absolutely autonomous operation
  • Scalable, secure, reliable, automated and affordable
  • Free Trial available now. Click here

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