Diamond Data Backup currently works with a variety of clients.

Many consultants operate in small or individual environments. Our clients here include business and life coaches, marketing and PR consultants. For these professionals, the prudence of data backup is already part of their business model; they just know it's the smart thing to do.

From the hospitality sector, we work closely with hotels, where efficiency and online booking management are key marketing components. Our dependable and robust systems mean that they can guarantee guest requirements are met, even when spread over a large number of sites. With our fully automated service, backing up every night, managers don't need to worry about additional staffing costs, or scheduling a busy administrator to ensure their data stays safe and secure.

Financial services like us. The regulatory and legal requirements for Independent Financial Advisors mean that many of our clients come from this sector. Security is a vital issue here, but our clients also appreciate the portability of the service. Being able to access our service worldwide is a great benefit, particularly for Advisors with overseas clients.

For entrepreneurs and start up businesses, automated data backup is more than a time-saver; it can also be a businesses-saver as well. With so many demands on the shoulders of our clients in this area, we're able to help significantly reduce their workloads, while offering a service that guarantees their professional integrity won't suffer from an unforeseen IT problem.

It's good to learn how other shave benefited from the foresight of installing Diamond Data Backup as their "Sleep Easy at Night" tool. So here's some comforting bedtime reading, and a horror story.

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Our Case Studies are genuine. We've just amended our client's identities for their security, and to spare their blushes.
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