The run up to Christmas is just as busy for a dental practice as it is for any other service or retail operation. Any disruption in this period is especially acute.

A particularly busy and efficient Edinburgh practice used a computerised network to keep track of all their patient records, daily appoints and dental x-rays, not to mention employee records and health service commitments. However, when they suffered a severe data loss, caused by the corruption of their main server, in the run up to Christmas, it could have been a major set back, had they not invested in some preventative care from Diamond Data Backup.

Using the fully automated system from Diamond Data Backup, they were secure in the knowledge that all their records had been meticulously recorded every single evening, without anyone in the practice having to do anything. In as much time as it takes to say “open wide please”, Diamond Data Backup had begun the daily process of checking all their computer information, and making a fresh record of all their data changes. This, together with the Diamond Blueprint was all that was needed to restore all the practice data to a new temporary server, and ensure that patient treatments could continue without any interruption.

The ease of this data recovery was a far cry from a similar incident less than six months previously. Then, the practice's server had also crashed, but without the benefit of Diamond Data Backup, it took over a month of painstaking work to reconcile appointments and patient records from disparate sources.

Having suffered two major data losses, one without backup and one with backup, the practice manager testified to the value of the Diamond Data Backup system. "When the system crashed again I had no problems. It was amazing just how quickly everything was back up and running again. What's more, the subscription to Diamond Data Backup is a fraction of the cost of the administrative staff’s time in attempting to recover information."

When hardware failure jeopardises your business, Diamond Data Backup can help safeguard the most important components in the system – your data. Don’t let mechanical failure cost your business more than it has to.

Our Case Studies are genuine. We’ve just amended our client’s identities for their security, and to spare their blushes…

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