Estate agents are like many modern businesses. They spend a great deal of time out of the office, and collect a great deal of sensitive data in the process.

When we met a busy agent in Glasgow, we knew exactly how we could help. Given that much of the company’s most important data was stored on mobile computers (emails, contracts, letters of appointment, property schedules and marketing literature), we recommended that it would be prudent to use the automated and secure service provided by Diamond Data Backup – not least because our service is available online and an effective backup can be preformed in minutes, even while out of the office.

Nevertheless, the company decided that it would be their choice to manually backup their computers to removable media at the end of every week, and have their agents take home a CD of their files. We were concerned about the good intentions of the company falling by the wayside, and that security may be compromised by holding sensitive material away from the company premises.

Six months after we spoke to them, they called Diamond Data Backup and asked us to recover data after a manual backup had gone wrong, and files had been deleted instead of saved. We knew we could still help if the weekly CD was in place. Sadly, with a particularly busy month for sales, there had not been time to perform the usual manual backup. In fact, we couldn’t locate any backup material at all, forcing the company to repeat much of the sales work for the whole period since we had first consulted. In the deadline driven and highly competitive estate agency business, this obviously cost the company dearly in lost revenue.

This six month setback could have been avoided. Although many business owners have the best intentions for backing up their data onto a CD, DVD or pen drive, very few manage to find the time to do this. Moreover, manual backup is clumsy and time consuming, with many files duplicated unnecessarily, and critical files omitted.

If your road to commercial hell is paved with good intention, and you just don’t have time to turn around, let Diamond Data Backup do the driving from the start. When you do take a wrong turning, it’s good to have a reliable navigator on board to set you back on the right course.

Our Case Studies are genuine. We’ve just amended our client’s identities for their security, and to spare their blushes…

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