Editors tend not to deal in excuses. They just want results, and they want them delivered on time, before deadlines. Like all professional writers, Stephen Welsh relies on his computer to record and deliver his work. When he suffered the sort of IT breakdown that might well have meant the loss of much more than his current project, he was more than relived to have had the foresight to use Diamond Data Backup.

“Working hard up to a deadline, the last thing I have time for is a disk failure. Not only would I have to tell my editor that I couldn’t deliver, but I would also face the prospect of being overlooked for future projects.”

Recognising the value of his work, Stephen had taken the prudent step of contacting Diamond Data Backup. It didn’t matter that he was a freelance writer, operating as a sole trader. An installation specialist visited him, to carry out all the initial set up, and let Stephen get back to some revenue-earning creative writing in no time.

“With reputation everything, and always dependant on your last feature, that’s the level of risk a freelance writer faces. With the pressure on to deliver, it’s always possible to make a mistake. Mine was to open up my feature project on the day of delivery, to make a few polishes, only to delete the file instead of saving it.”

With Stephen’s editor about to call in the piece for publication, he needed to act quickly. Fortunately, that’s were Diamond Data Backup comes in. With constant access to his backup, via his existing web connection, Stephen was able to recover his work from the previous day’s Diamond Data Backup, leaving only those few polishing touches to rework. Delivery was a little tighter to the deadline than usual, but thanks to Diamond Data Backup, there was no need to hold the front page.

When a simple human error can be costly, have Diamond Data Backup on hand. Don’t let creative use of the keyboard spoil all your genuine creativity

Our Case Studies are genuine. We’ve just amended our client’s identities for their security, and to spare their blushes…

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