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Computing may be the bane of your life, but if only life could be as good as computers. Unfortunately you can't reset life and return to the last backup version. At Diamond Data Backup we can't rollback your life, but we can reset the things most likely to make your life worth living again. We're talking about all your important data. If CBBC means more to you than cracking children's TV, then Diamond Data Backup is a channel well worth your subscription.

Where Does It All Go Wrong?

"Honey! I deleted the wrong version!" It doesn't take much to turn a productive day into a comedy of errors. We're all human, and as long humans are involved, there are going to be human errors.

Of course, it doesn't take error for humans to make a mess of things. A malicious virus, or an unauthorised computer intrusion, sadly a part of every day life in the wired world, and it's back to square one, and often further back than that. Interminably frustrating at home, but unacceptably costly for business. Time is money, and you don't want to spend it cleaning up files and disinfecting your work. At Diamond Data Backup we're not advocating overlooking your security measures, but we can provide an extra level of confidence and peace of mind.

How robust is your laptop? Robust enough to survive a tumble down the Departure lounge escalator? You might be checking in, just as your presentation is checking out. Hardware failure, even in less dramatic circumstances, is one of the main causes of data loss. Almost all PC users suffer at least one significant data loss a year - 94% percent in fact*. If you're among the 19 out of 20, wouldn't it be clever to be the one who dials into Diamond Data Backup to pick up the pieces?
With computers often exhibiting a life of their own, who says Artificial Intelligence is a dream. They seem almost human - at least in their fickleness. The slightest thing will send them off in a huff. A power surge from a dodgy hotel supply, a bumpy landing, a hot day on the train. You name it, they'll take a time out - permanently. So if your computer throws s strop, has a tantrum, or just plain won't cooperate, rely on Diamond Data Backup to cajole the thing back into life - with a nice fresh set of data, from your prudent backup the night before.
I knew I had my disk somewhere? Trouble is, so did some light-fingered ne'er do well, and that's the last you'll see of your manuscript and carefully worded business plan. The fact that you took the trouble to lock the files from prying eyes won't comfort you much, especially if the meeting with your publishers and bankers is in ten minutes. Still, that's ten minutes in which you can drop into an internet café on the way and reload everything in time for the meeting, as though nothing had happened. You'll even have time for a latte. Diamond Data Backup doesn't do the coffee, but in time it takes for a coffee break, we'll get you back up and running.
We can't prevent fires, floods and man-made disasters. None of these are totally avoidable, but their impact can be seriously reduced with the Diamond Data Backup automated solution. Whether you've lost emails, finances, contact details, sales pipeline, payroll, annual returns, VAT returns, proposals, audit trails, outstanding debtor list, staff targets, or your client's data... If it's lost, and you're in a spot of bother, you'll find Diamond Data Backup is your best friend.

The United Kingdom Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently published guidelines and corporate recommendations for data backup.

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