Diamond Data Backup Is For You

There's an alphabet of reasons to regularly back up your data. The ABC of it is to let Diamond Data Backup handle the work for you, effortlessly and reliably. There's lots of ways to perform your backup routine. Only Diamond Data Backup does them all, all the way to XYZ.
  • Automated Reminders Diamond Data Backup remembers, even if you don't More Information
  • Bigger Diamond Data Backup grows with you all the way from sole trader to megacorp.
  • Compression: No! Our pricing is based on the uncompressed size of your files. Compression doesn't always save space, leaving you to buy more space than you expected
  • Data Redundancy Our servers use mirrored hard drives to prevent any data loss. Furthermore, all data is on each server is mirrored to another physical location
  • Data Relocation We even mirror your data to a remote location, for extra protection.
  • Exchange Compatable Backup all you emails, calendars, contacts and tasks as well
  • Faster After the initial setup, the backup does not involve transferring a huge amount of data, just the files used recently
  • Fully Automated No human interaction is required to backup all of your data
  • Manual Backup Option Perform one as often as your like, anywhere.
  • Incremental Backup No time wasting unnecessary copying. More Information
  • Laptop compatible backup on the road, online, secure and quick
  • Linux compatible Linux/Unix operating systems are no problem for Diamond Data Backup
  • Mac friendly Apple users can use Diamond Data Backup too.
  • Multiple File Versions Multiple versions of each file will be held on the backup servers.
  • Online Reporting Check everything on your account, from anywhere in the world. More Information
  • Onsite Setup Your system can be installed by our specialists
  • Recovery is Easy There's nothing to a full recovery, 24/7
  • Recovery is Fast. Get your data back, fast 24/7, whenever you want and as often as you want
  • Secure: Your data is always encrypted, both in transfer and on our servers
  • Speed: Incremental method of backup makes process really fast
  • Telephone Support: Option to talk through your issues anytime.
  • Training Included: We'll show you what to do.
  • Unlimited Users There are no restrictions on the number of PCs on which you run Diamond Data Backup software
  • Windows Compatibility Designed for Windows XP and works with a host of variants, including NT, 2000, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, Small Business Server, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Check with us for more updates.

Online Reporting Tool

How can you be sure that all your data is being backed up each evening? Our online & email reporting system gives you a detailed, showing you exactly which files were backed up. Complete piece of mind, with a visual confirmation of another successfully operation by Diamond Data Backup.

Incremental File Transfers

The first time you backup a file, the backup software sends the entire file. If you then change that file in a month's time, the software will only backup the difference between the version on your PC and the version already on the backup servers and append it to the version on the backup server. This vastly speeds up the time a backup will take.

Automated Reminders

Often laptop users find it difficult to backup at a pre-agreed time every day because they cannot be sure when they will be online. To ensure that a Diamond Data Backup is always done frequently, the software will remind you.
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